DJ Mike Pope (Atlanta, GA) has always had a passion for dance music and has been DJing professionally since 2006. Learning the ropes and spinning alongside well known international DJs has helped him develop his own musical style which is influenced by house, tech house, circuit, tribal as well as top 40 commercial dance. He has proven to be a very versatile DJ that can spin tea dance, peak hour and after hours sets and always takes the crowd on a musical journey. His podcasts have been featured over the years on, and

Pope worked for Billboard Magazine amongst a selected few DJs in the country and served as Georgia’s Dance Club Chart Reporter from 2011-2016.  He has not only garnered recognition from music industry professionals and peers but he has also won many local Atlanta area awards as well as recognition for help with non-profits.

In 2010 he began his residency at Heretic Atlanta, and during his years there, he has developed a large loyal following that continues to expand. He has DJ’d at virtually every nightclub and bar in the Atlanta area including XION, Atlanta Eagle, TEN, Blakes On The Park, Opera Nightclub and Jungle Nightclub.

Outside of the Atlanta area, Pope has DJ’d at various nightclubs and bars including Marigny & Cathode Azure (Charlotte, NC), Nowhere Bar (Louisville, KY) and Catalina Beach Club (Miami, FL). Pope has also spun numerous large music events including Atlanta Pride, Charlotte Pride, Wonder World Orlando, Rites Of Spring (Birmingham, AL), Winter Music Conference (Miami, FL) and 12 years of events for the Joining Hearts non-profit organization.


The Heretic (Resident DJ)

TEN Atlanta

Blakes On The Park

XION After Hours

Opera Nightclub

Atlanta Eagle

Jungle Nightclub

Buckhead Theatre


LUX Nightclub (Miami, FL)

Catalina Beach Club (Miami, FL)

Cathode Azure Club (Charlotte, NC)

Lakeview Yacht Club (Birmingham, AL)


Joining Hearts 21-24 & 31 (Opening DJ)

Change Of Seasons 2009-2019

Charlotte Pride (Charlotte, NC) 2018

Jerusalem House Carnevale (2011)

Twirl To The World 2016 (Charlotte, NC)

Rites Of Spring (Birmingham, AL) (2010)